Jan 20th 2pm Eastern Standard time

2 Hours

1 Surprising Strategy

0 Anxiety

This is a Two Hour Group Workshop Where We Will Work On
1. How Anxiety is Constructed in Your Mind
2. Understanding Why it is Created
3. Learning How to Dismantle it Quickly and on Your Own

2 Hours

1 Surprising Strategy

0 Anxiety

This is a Two Hour Group Workshop Where We Will Work On
1. How Anxiety is Constructed
in Your Mind
2. Understanding Why it is Created
3. Learning How to Dismantle it Quickly and on Your Own

Learn the single most effective strategy to counteract anxiety at the onset without any help

2 Hours, 1 Surprising Strategy, 0 AnxietyTM is a 2-hour live course that teaches an exclusive, research-backed & proprietary anxiety relief formula which is the only implementation program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to stop anxiety at its inception – but with ample practice, you’ll be able to use it any time you need it by yourself like a pro

Seats are limited

All sessions will be recorded

You are here for a reason

Odds are you know pain, you know frustration and if anxiety wasn’t following you everywhere, your potential knew no bounds. Odds are that anxiety is keeping you stuck. No matter how hard you work, and how many projects you juggle, you are not harvesting nearly as much as you put in. Getting stuck in that cycle can break one’s spirit and it lowers confidence. Anxiety is that nagging feeling, fear, and nervousness about pending doom in the future that lives in the back of your mind, and no matter how much you ignore it, it never completely goes away.

Now, imagine a life with no overwhelm, no anxiety, no resultant guilt or self-doubt. Imagine always having the presence of mind to organize your thoughts and see your goals achievable as opposed to being cheated out of your rightful peace by the snowball of anxiety. Living anxiety-free can profoundly change the quality of your life. 

This course is for those of you who’ve had it, with anxiety, with the constant feeling of fear, with stress and pressure, and with all the procrastination and distractions that they come with. This is for those of you who believe you should and deserve to live in peace, feel in control and live up to your potential. This is for those of you who’ve not given up on yourself and have decided to put yourself and your health first once and for all and make a big change.

I know this from personal experience

After I overcame 25 years of depression in mid-2018, my anxiety was persistent. Depression made me paralyzed, anxiety made me restless; either way, I was stuck. I was committed not to allow another year of my life to pass me by while I felt helpless and powerless. If I could cure my depression when no one else could help, I could get rid of my daily anxiety; I was determined. As a cancer researcher, I knew that in order to find the answer, you have to always find the root cause of the problem. Months of studying how anxiety is formed, helped me create a formula to stop it.
My name is Persia Jamshidi. I have a Masters’s degree in genetics and a Ph.D. in molecular biology. As a classically trained cancer scientist working on targeted therapies, I’ve focused on cancer prevention for over a decade. In 2016, life took a turn and I decided to become a masculinity researcher and left the world of cancer. My for-profit company “Positive Masculinity Academy” is an educational company that helps honorable men shine a light on wholesome masculinity by eliminating toxic masculinity. My brand new non-profit company “Feminists for Men Inc.” aims to provide free counseling and legal help for men going through a rough patch to reduce the male suicide rate and violence. Whether it’s cancer prevention or suicide prevention, reducing anxiety is the most important and crucial step.

Creating anxiety is a sophisticated analytical process.

This is a course based on the following process

2 Hours

1 Surprising Strategy

0 Anxiety™ Course

Here Is What You’ll Learn In This Course

This is a live 2-hour course that can become one of the most important 2 hours you’ve ever invested in yourself.

What sets 2 Hours, 1 Surprising Strategy, 0 Anxiety TM apart?

There is only a two-hour live training between you and potentially a bright anxiety-free future. This course will not be like anything you’ve ever seen or heard. You won’t be lectured on what you already intellectually know, you won’t be asked to repeat mantras that you may not deep down believe in and you will most certainly not be asked to “breath”, you are already doing that!
In the first part of the course, you’ll learn 7 Steps of Anxiety Trap and Dr. Jamshidi’s proprietary technique. The second half of the course is live practice.
Bring all your anxiety, and your biggest triggers and learn live how to leave it all behind.
Dr. Jamshidi will practice live with volunteers to demonstrate how the technique is implemented while anxiety is forming. This technique by no means is a magic bullet but it’s a brilliant and straightforward formula that you can follow step by step. With resilience and commitment to a better life and a peaceful you –the same things that brought you to this page in search of answers- you can practice it and make it become second nature and replace the current automatic anxiety route. No need to dedicate a daily time to practice. Instead, every time anxiety starts, practice this technique and break the pattern.

Here Are The Incredible Results You’ll Get In This Course


Odds are you’ve tried countless techniques for anxiety relief. Some have helped a little and many have disappointed you. This technique may or may not work for you either but I firmly believe that it will, only if you are ready 110% to leave anxiety, frustration, and pain behind. Not everyone is ready, even if they are tired of it. It all depends on how much space is between your back and the wall. If your back is not flushed against the wall, you still have the luxury of staying in the paradoxical misery of your comfort zone. It took me 25 years to get rid of my depression, I tried thousands of routes and they were all blocked. 

The road was pitch-black, I fell down many times, got bruised and bloody. Sat down in a corner, cried, and felt sorry for myself. Once in a while, someone would point me towards a direction but it went nowhere over and over and over again. I had to take risks in the dark to find the light. At some point, I even realized that I may have been addicted to failure and frustration. Finally, I was at the point where I refused to be jerked around by life anymore. That’s when a quarter of a century of major depression with almost daily thoughts of suicide stopped within a few short months. It was a strange feeling not to have depression for the first time as an adult!

Now, this is about anxiety and the snowball it creates that tramples everything in its path. I know you are tired of being disappointed, skeptical, hurt, and drained. I know the feeling very well. But I also know what it feels like to win, to move forward and upward instead of in a circle, to get results, to feel satisfied, to have a clear mind with no fear of impending doom and I want all that for you too.

What's next?

This technique is unique so practice is necessary. It’s not a daily practice or an addition to your already packed schedule. Practice time is only when you feel anxiety is forming, you use the technique to disrupt it and instead practice the formula to shut anxiety down.

It is imperative that you have a place to connect with like-minded people, as resilient and determined as yourself for an anxiety-free future to connect with and receive support from. Students who have completed the course will receive a survey. Upon completion of the survey, you’ll receive a link to become part of a private Facebook group. You can find practice partners and have your questions answered by Dr. Jamshidi. We’ll have your back and will support you every step of your journey.

Refund Policy:

This class has limited seating. Since we practice the technique live with a few volunteers and answer questions, in order for the students to get as much attention as possible and as many questions as possible can be answered, the seating is limited. A canceled seat is a seat that could’ve helped someone else, therefore, all sales are final. We do not offer refunds or rescheduling.

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