Explore 5 Ways to Turn Habitual Toxic Masculinity into Positive, Wholesome Masculinity

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Explore 5 Ways to Turn Habitual Toxic Masculinity into Positive, Wholesome Masculinity

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  • The membership program is for both men and women looking for a supportive community of like-minded people where they can share their stories and struggles and learn new ways to overcome life challenges.
  • The program offers practical and tangible steps on issues listed on the membership page.
  • It is for people looking to move forward in life with more power, be in charge and reduce unnecessary noise and distraction in their lives.
  • You will have access to highly curated resources offered monthly on designated topics from top experts in the field.
  • An online community that is a safe space for people to share their journey and learn from each other.
  • Most importantly, it is a no-judgment community that always has your back.
  • The program is exclusively designed for our post- Covid-19, ever changing lives. We ensure to provide materials and resources in a highly concise, step-by-step, and seamless manner to maximize productivity without being too intrusive.
  • The materials are always available in our library for the members to refer back to at their convenience, so you feel no pressure and can work at your pace.
  • Our community is available to you 24/7.
  • For men, The Engine Club is precisely designed to accommodate those who traditionally are not encouraged to share and are not comfortable with vulnerability. Come and join us and see how being with your peers who understand you instead of judging you, creates a camaraderie and a space that you look forward to come to,  hang out and recharge.
  • For women, The Rose Garden, is unlike any community you have ever experienced before. It goes above and beyond addressing the challenges that women have in their daily lives with a new perspective in discovering, honing, implementing and radiating feminine power, leadership and confidence.
  • Yes, this is a virtual community available in any time zone, and in any country. All live events will be recorded and can be accessed in the library at all times.
  • There will be two options. You can pay monthly or yearly, whichever works better for you.
  • The Rose Garden is a private membership club for women and The Engine Club is a private membership community just for men. Sometimes ladies need to have other ladies around and gentlemen need to have a moment together to heal best. Since our highly curated and research-based resources are heavily tailored to the specific gender issues, it is best to allow for two separate communities.


No! feminists for men, is a registered 501(c) organization which is a non-profit organization and operates as a completely independent entity. Positive masculinity academy on the other hand is a for-profit limited liability company that operates independently as well. Both organizations however are founded by Dr. F. Persia Jamshidi

  • We aim to build quality shelters for men with a focus on single fathers who need to remove their children from an abusive and unhealthy household.
  • We will provide counseling and guidance to male victims of domestic violence, sexual assaults and rape.
  • Yes, as much as society needs higher quality shelters for women, we are in even greater need for men. This is a neglected issue in society and Feminists for Men is dedicated to address it. Therefore, we aim to build shelters for men and single dads across the country.
  • Yes, our guests will have access to expert counselors and helpful resources so they can receive the emotional support they need to get their lives back in order.
  • As a non-profit organization we need volunteers in many areas of focus. From therapists, counselors and healers to administrative staff and everything in between.

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