Explore 5 Ways to Turn Habitual Toxic Masculinity into Positive, Wholesome Masculinity

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Explore 5 Ways to Turn Habitual Toxic Masculinity into Positive, Wholesome Masculinity

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Embodying Healthy Masculinity:

Men Mastering Self-Worth


It’s time for you to finally care about you

In a real, deep and meaningful way like you’ve never done before

Just imagine for a minute …….

What will you learn?

Why do men need a tailored self-worth course specific to them?

Every child’s perfect view of self is crushed by grown-ups. We all, universally, are raised to step in society as adults with diminished sense of self. However, for men, there is an extra element that adds up and mounts the sense of self-loathing; it’s called insecure masculinity. Traditional masculinity ties a man’s sense of self-worth to his masculinity and quantifies it. Therefore, whatever a man does or achieves increases or decreases his self-worth and his masculinity. That’s why phrases that suggest masculinity is quantifiable such as “man up”, “less of a man”, “more of a man”, & “manly man” exist. Helping men master self-wroth requires deep research and understanding of masculinity in its natural form before its manipulated by the patriarchy propaganda.

What is Positive Masculinity Academy’s Men Mastering Self-Worth Course?

An 8-week, interactive video-based training program combined with live Q&A sessions that is released weekly. Whether you’re brand new to self-discovery or been searching for more ways to be in charge of your own life experiences, Positive Masculinity Academy’s flagship self-worth course for men will challenge you to reach your highest potential. It’s designed to turn your life from a series of toss up accidental good or nightmare experiences into a well-oiled machine with you in the driver’s seat at all times.

This is for you if:

You are tired of waiting for others to change so your life can be better. Instead you want to take charge, examine your thinking and correct it so you determine your own experiences in life.

How much does the course cost?

In order to reward the pioneering and courageous men who dare to take a leap to break the antiquated patterns that have left them drained and frustrated, we are offering this course at a highly discounted price for its first launch ONLY. The price for ONLY the first launch is $777

When is the launch date?


Is this course for men only?

This course is designed for adult men. However, anyone over the age of 20 is welcome to sign up with the understanding that this course in part addresses insecure masculinity. There are other sections that work for anyone regardless of gender identification.

How long do I have access to the course?

Low self-esteem, and low self-wroth were not developed over night and you need to train yourself gradually to reverse them and make a lasting change. That’s why you have access to the course for the lifetime of the course (as long as it is offered) and can attend each new launch and participate in the live sessions every time. The course will always remain in your library so you can go back and do and redo the course in your own timing.

Looking for an expert consultant?

Looking for an expert consultant or public speaker to deliver an engaging, inspiring, and transformative speech on men’s issues that affect their work life, personal relationships, and mental and physical health?

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